How did the 18-year-old 'outside the door' become a lighting giant?

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-14


 As night falls, countless lanterns on the squares, green spaces, hills and buildings of Qingdao are lit up at the same time. At the same time, there is another kind of bright and shining beauty. Indulge in it, and there is a tribute to the numerous lighting manufacturers who have created this splendid beauty.

Bill Lee, a native of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is now not only the leading manufacturer of wall sconce industry in Shandong & mdash; the chairman of EME LIGHTING CO., LTD., but also initiated the establishment of the China  Sharing Alliance, which is developed with the mindset of the shareholder. Taking advantage of the spring breeze of reform and opening up, he began to marry Qingdao at the age of 18, demonstrating the elegance of the lighting man and the power of the super terminal with his unique business intelligence and personality charm.

 Wenzhou has seven points of water, two points of mountains, one point of land, and a large population density, forcing the then 'small child' & rsquo; had to start doing business. Recalling that year, Bill Lee from EME, 52, had this happy feeling.

 Rent a big gold deer to run green business

 In 1979, the clarion call for reform and opening up just sounded. The 18-year-old Wenzhou native Bill Lee from EME was carrying only 300 yuan, and decided to leave his father and father, and went south and north, and began a difficult entrepreneurial journey. After several twists and turns, he came to Qingdao. He was also one of the first Wenzhou people to marry in Qingdao.

 How did the 18-year-old layman become a lighting giant?

 I liked it when I came to Qingdao for the first time. Red tiles, green trees, blue sea, blue sky, not many people, and easy to deal with, there is a feeling of small Europe. Bill Lee from EME followed his relatives in many places in the country, such as Shenzhen and Henan, but he was most obsessed with Qingdao, so Qingdao became the place where his dreams set sail.

 Bill Lee from EME's hometown is Wenzhou Yueqing, where the electromechanical is relatively developed. He was so stunned that the business he started in Qingdao was the electromechanical business. In Bill Lee from EME’s words, he sold all the equipment related to machines and electrical appliances, from large machines to small switches.

 I rent a big golden deer (bicycle) for 3 yuan a day, live in the basement, air-raid shelter, go to the factory to go to the door to sell, thirsty to buy a watermelon to eat, this is the life of Bill Lee from EME just started a business. At that time, there were already many companies in Qingdao. I have run through paper mills, cotton mills, and power plants. Bill Lee from EME recalled that at the time of the shortage of supplies and the shortage of supply, the current salesmen would not eat closed doors. Therefore, as long as they can endure hardship and be diligent, it is relatively easy to make money.

 With the unique business vision and tenacious fighting spirit of Wenzhou people, Bill Lee from EME has been making the electromechanical business in full swing in a few years, thus accumulating his first bucket of gold.

 4 counters from the stepper lighting industry

 By chance, Bill Lee from EME came into contact with the wall sconce industry. He believes that this is a dynamic emerging industry and an industry with bright prospects. He made a major decision in his career and life: I want to ignite the lights into lights. In 1990, Bill Lee from EME started the new journey of his lighting business from the four-seat counter on the road in the Spark Decoration Market on Jiangxi Road.

 In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when I was doing electromechanical business, I observed that through reform and opening up, some people got rich first. When they were doing house renovation, they began to be willing to invest in the pursuit of the beauty of the lights. This is me. At that time, I chose to do the lighting for the original reason, and then slowly found that I also like lighting, because the lighting is selling well, often to examine the boss's perception of beauty and fashion. Bill Lee from EME found his own happiness in pursuit of progress from the lighting.

 However, any business can happen unexpectedly. Bill Lee from EME had a problem with the first shipment from Wenzhou. We found a truck driver from Yantai to ship the goods from Wenzhou. It was originally delivered in three or four days, but it didn’t arrive in a week, and the driver could not contact. Bill Lee from EME can be anxious, but it is 200,000 yuan of goods. Some of this money is his own hard-earned money, and some of them are made by relatives and friends.

 Is it a traffic accident, or something else? Bill Lee from EME's counters are all set up, just waiting for the opening of the goods, anxious that he stayed up all night for a few days. Later, I found out that the goods were shipped back to my home by the driver, and I recovered after several twists and turns. That experience made Lin Hua grow a heart: must find reliable drivers, for the unreliable drivers, businesses should be jointly blocked.

 The business at the time was very good. When the goods were placed, some of them were ordered. Bill Lee from EME said: At that time, there were very few lighting fixtures, and how many goods could be sold.
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