Household copper ceiling lamp installation real shot feedback

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
The area of entering the house is the place that gives people the first impression, and it is also the face that reflects the taste of the owner; . In the decoration, everyone often compares the decoration of Chinese living room and bedroom, but the place where they enter the house is easily ignored. In fact, the matching of household lamps is very simple. It can be matched with the overall decoration style of the home. The style can be simple. It is recommended to choose the ceiling for the floor height below, so the visual effect is better and it is very convenient to use. The small editor recommends several all-copper ceiling lamps for everyone. The following figure shows the real shot of the installation effect. The simple small apartment will reserve the location of the lamp in the place where the house is entered, and design a lighter ceiling. This design is suitable for matching this simple ceiling lamp and looks very comfortable. If it is a villa or a house with a higher floor, the general design will be more delicate, and an atmospheric ceiling will be specially designed. This design is to match the overall decoration style, this kind of exquisite all-copper ceiling lamp is usually chosen, and it looks very atmospheric. This all-copper ceiling lamp is an explosion of household lamps and lanterns. The lamps and lanterns are small in size, but they look exquisite and small. Many households choose this type of ceiling lamp.
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