Hotel lighting color rendering index what pay attention to

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
Carry forward the Chinese culture and heritage, broad sense, is the heritage of Chinese civilization; In a narrow sense, is the Chinese style household and inheritance and carry forward Chinese way of life. Therefore, it is a well versed in ancient and modern, a fusion of Chinese and western big proposition. All will be related to the Chinese civilization essence, can only be strong the propagation force and influence of Chinese culture, to become bigger and stronger industry related to Chinese culture, including custom hotel lamps and lanterns industry. At home, general equipment using customized products is more, now, customized also more and more popular in decorating in the home, hotels, hotels, clubs when decorating, and is often entrust a specialized manufacturer of custom lighting. General custom lighting products without these material: plate, stainless steel, glass or crystal, marble, resin and so on, are now more popular mix build, and with the attitude of rigorous, strives for perfection the art of high level. The whole process of custom is almost a month, generally 20% cheaper than the market 30%. Why hotel engineering lamps and lanterns has such a large development space? This is mainly because of the change of consumer perceptions and progress. A lamp is acted the role of the enterprise to have very good development, differentiation of lamp act the role ofing must exist. Only have enough personality and innovative enterprises, can really appeal to consumers. Hotel lighting color rendering index according to the requirements of the different functional Spaces is slightly different. In general need high color rendering index or bath rooms and restaurant, lobby lounge area can be slightly lower. Lobby, service desk, guest lounge area requirements, Ra> 85. Detail model that includes all aspects of the hotel lighting itself. With average day cylinder lamps as example, its coating quality of the cup ( If metal, surface quality) , smooth degree of reflective cup ( So frosted reflective cup, sandblast evenness) Smallpox, when lamps and lanterns is installed in the ceiling, and surface ( Gypsum board/wood veneer) The joint tightness ( Have you light-leaking) Such details must be noticed. And in addition to lamps and lanterns, installation workers ( Process) Also vital, decorate aspects to take to ensure that the lamps and lanterns is installed in the right way. For now, like the pursuit of quality of life of our incandescent lamp has already can't meet our requirements. And from environmental protection point of view, incandescent lamp is also a stumbling block to us to protect the environment, the led will replace it as the important role of the lighting, design features a variety of lamp act the role ofing to dress up our living environment is more and more colorful. Now lighting is not only a simple lighting tools, is indispensable to improve life quality.
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