Hotel lamp act the role ofing to apply the innovation of new technology to the design concept

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
As hotels for high-grade lamps and lanterns in the decoration and the actual lighting use value, now is becoming more and more high to the requirement of order of lamps and lanterns, already from the original simple meet the needs of lighting, began to lighting design the use of new technologies, in terms of appearance and hotel lighting design requirements are higher, so the non-standard engineering lamps in order to focus on these. Summed up to roughly five factors: direct lighting, high quality lighting features, fast and adequate lighting technology, intelligent lighting control light. LED develops very fast in recent years, as a kind of innovative technology can do more analysis and use. In addition, for interior designer, is to look for in lighting design more reasonable design concept, according to different environment to locate. Should grasp the perfect fusion of lighting design and interior design. How to put lighting design in interior design, and has the effect of enlarge interior design features, this is a more difficult problem. Interior design to a certain degree, there will be the integration of lighting design. Hotel lamp act the role ofing developed also prompted some peripheral products, lamps and lanterns of dealers and lighting engineering company, etc. Along with our country economy develop and people living standard rise, some original hotel unique lighting products at present to the general family and also became a household act the role ofing is tasted. Hotel lighting decoration effect is often to complete two aspects, one is the lighting configuration of the product itself, the situation of supplement, 2 it is to experience the light source of light to illuminate the lamp itself and the places around the situation. Experience in hotel lighting to match the surroundings to produce all sorts of different situation. Also according to the size of place of the hotel and the appearance of the lamp. Hotel lighting is usually hanging up in the hotel guest room or a restaurant, so be sure to use and easy grand hotel lighting or hanging type suction a top hotel lighting. Different parts of the hotel lighting is almost on the outside. It is important to note that there are some illegal vendors do only works on the surface, they install in the hotel lighting or obvious edge of large high quality lamp bead, whereas in the lining of the lamp or hidden place yet.
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