Hope that the policy will hit the 'cottage' product and the lighting market with a clean sky

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-10


The popular word in 2019 must be indispensable: the cottage, the word cottage comes from Cantonese, is a small, small scale or even a little underground factory, its main features are counterfeiting, rapid, civilian. Nowadays, the cottage has been widely popular. There are cottage spring festivals. Of course, these are cottage cultures, which play the role of entertainment, but the cottage products are different, cottage mobile phones, cottage notebooks, cottage flooring, cottage products penetrate into various fields, these products are largely synonymous with inferior quality, defective products, piracy, and damage the interests of consumers. Nowadays, the cottage lights are also flooding the lighting market, so how to resist the cottage lighting has become a major problem for the current lighting enterprises.

 Lighting market cottage lights smash market prices

 Recently, a person in charge of a well-known lighting store said that the plagiarism in the lighting market is serious. The cottage lamps produced by some small enterprises directly dumped to the market, which interfered with the price of normal lamps. Small manufacturers have strong imitation capabilities and do not need to spend R&D design costs, and production replication is very fast. The quality of the lamps is not easy to distinguish from the appearance. A large number of small enterprises arbitrarily plagiarize the lamps developed by the big factories. Although the lamps produced by the two are similar in appearance, the craftsmanship, material selection and quality are different, so the price is very different.

 Consumers generally buy luminaires only to look at the shape, and have little understanding of the internal structure. This has also caused many lighting products to be shoddy and demanding. This has largely hindered the development of the lighting market and affected the normal order of the lighting market.

 Consumer lighting brand awareness weakly selected lamps safety is the most important

 Due to the late start of the lighting industry, most manufacturers are currently focusing on production and sales, and manufacturers' brand protection awareness is relatively weak. Even the domestic leading lamps and lanterns companies such as NVC have few consumers to understand. As a result, many consumers have turned their attention to imported lamps, just as foreign monks will chanting, and believe that foreign lamps are beautiful. Of course, the lighting city did not disappoint consumers, and many imported lamps flooded the market. However, some insiders said that more than 90% of the lamps on the market are made in China, and blindly believe that imported goods will only cost more.

 Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision released the results of spot checks on Beijing-based lamps. In the spot checks of 16 kinds of lighting products produced by Beijing enterprises, five of them were unqualified, and the pass rate was only 69%. In the face of inferior lamps and pirated lights flooded by the market, consumers must see clearly.

 The first thing to consider is the safety performance. According to relevant industry insiders, the safety performance of the luminaire is mainly reflected in its external entrance and exit and internal structure.

 The author understands that the main quality problem of unqualified luminaires is that the structure does not meet the standards. For the outside, the metal tube entrance and exit of the lamp wire should have no sharp edges, otherwise it is easy to cut the wire with sharp edges, so that the metal parts are charged; and the lamp or floor lamp should have the wire holder.

 For the interior of the luminaire, the internal wiring of the high-quality luminaire is relatively tight, and the related accessories are of good material, which not only directly affects the service life of the lamp, but also is more environmentally friendly. According to the author's understanding, the internal processing of Qiqi, Op, and NVC lamps is quite good.      
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