High quality pollution-free all-Copper Solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
In addition to passing the domestic CCC certification, snooker's products have also passed the eu ce standard, and even the parts have passed ROHS (Harmful substance test)Take the all-Copper Solder lamp for example. I believe everyone knows that all-Copper Solder lamp refers to the soldering technology needed in the process of making all-copper lamps. Snooker uses lead-free solder because it adapts to the ROHS standard proposed by the EU environmental protection requirements. Solder is made of tin-copper alloy. The lead content is below 1000PPM. The solder in the all-Copper Solder lamp is a technical process, and the operators all go through 3- After 5 years of training, the surface of the solder will be cleaned before welding, and the dirt such as oil and paint will be cleaned. After cleaning, the soldering iron will be used to heat the solder joints with rosin or solder paste, and use an electric iron to tin the solder joints. Two or more solder joints are connected together using electrosoldering tin. Lead-free tin has poor tin loading capacity, and the diffusion area is almost eutectic solder. When the soldering metal is too large, the soldering iron cannot heat the temperature of the soldered metal to the melting temperature of the solder, and the power wattage of the soldering iron should be increased. Let the lamp body see close integration, leaving no gaps, solder core at 0. 5 CM, this is the solder value of all-Copper Solder lamp.
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