Has been imitated, never surpassed-Won 128 All-copper lamp design patents

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
Yesterday, all 15 all-copper lamp products declared by snooker were awarded the design patent certificate issued by the state. So far, a total of 128 All-copper lamps have been patented in snooker in three years. Since then, snooker has become an enterprise with more national patents in the all-copper lamp industry. Snooker has such achievements, thanks to the company's energetic and energetic designer team. Liang Zhengshi, the chief designer of the company, left Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation, he was engaged in the design and research and development of lamps. His all-copper lamp works have won many international awards. Under his leadership, the company's design team has always insisted on originality as the design orientation. At the same time, they also adopted the method of going out and inviting in, and established a long-term strategic partnership with Sichuan Institute of Arts and Crafts and Guangzhou Institute of Arts and Crafts. Therefore, to some extent, the design level of the team has been greatly improved.
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