【Full copper lamp]Your needs are our requirements

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
There is a saying in the service industry that is widely spread: customers are God! Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that customers, as consumer groups, are the food and clothing parents of merchants and the power source for the whole society to produce. The customer's needs are our requirements. In response to this, the snooker Mercure copper lamp opened a meeting. The sales department and the design department of snooker House have a special meeting to feedback the customer's problems and constantly improve the all-copper lamp. First of all, the sales department respectively reflected some problems in the whole process of our customers' purchase of all-copper lamps. Including: some problems before, during and after purchase. The sales department reflects that many customers will have some doubts before purchasing, because they do not know enough about the professional knowledge of all-copper lamps. We often ask if we are a regular manufacturer, the quality of all copper lamps, etc. Including the questions raised at the time of purchase about the price of our snooker all-copper lamp. There are also some after-sales problems after customers buy our all-copper lamps. For example, damage caused by transportation. Our design department also reflects that with the progress and development of the times, we should design more in line with customers' appetite; The new style of lamps. At the same time, it also includes some special requirements for lamp customization. If the customer reflects the problem, it means that we still have a lot of room for improvement. The meeting decided to solve the problems reflected by the customers step by step. Customers don't know about all-copper lamps. Our customer service personnel can explain the knowledge about copper lamps to customers roughly, including letting customers join our WeChat or QQ, let customers know us more directly and closely. Including the problem of frequent damage of some lamps during transportation, we decided to make statistics on lamps with high damage frequency, and then improve the packaging method. On the original packaging, we strengthened the packaging again, ensure that lamps are no longer damaged at high frequencies. At the same time, the meeting focused on the after-sales service. We have been adhering to: From the beginning of customer purchase, after-sales began. From delivery to receipt, to use, we all need to serve our customers all the time. Even if the customer has bought our lamps for a long time, as long as the customer has any questions, we are obliged to help the customer answer. In the meeting, the design department once again proposed that the customer has the demand for customized lamps and lanterns, and we can design them, but we must provide relevant detailed data, and inform the customer that the price of customized lamps will increase compared with that of conventional lamps, taking into account the increase in costs such as re-opening. At the end of the meeting, I declared again that the customer's reflection of the problem is not a problem, but a good news for us. Only by reflecting the problem can we find our shortcomings and correct the mistakes, improvement is not good enough. Snooker all copper lamps adhere to customer needs is our requirement; The principle of continuous progress, continuous development!
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