【Full copper lamp] The long road to safeguard rights for appearance design patents of Guzhen Lighting enterprises

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
Walking into the ancient town, you must have walked into the ocean of lights. The Street-lined lighting shops display all kinds of beautifully shaped lamps and lanterns. It can be said that people are too busy to see them, it is like entering a fairytale world of light and shadow. You have to sigh that the ancient town is called the capital of Chinese lighting; Is well deserved not wave for nothing. However, careful people will soon find that behind the lively scene, everyone has a pain. That is, the new products that I have developed with great difficulty will be unscrupulously counterfeited by my opponents in a relatively short period of time, and they will be hung in their own stores openly. For the sake of self-protection, many stores have posted a ban on photo-taking; Such as the security notice. If a stranger enters the store, the store's vigilance will increase by one point. The reason is that it is afraid of being counterfeited. In order to meet the needs of enterprises to quickly safeguard their rights, the Zhongshan intellectual property office boldly innovated and adopted the form of entrustment to entrust the patent administrative law enforcement authority to the center. At the same time, the Zhongshan Municipal People's Court set up an intellectual property circuit trial court in the center, and moved the patent administrative law enforcement and judicial trials to the factory entrance of the enterprise; And the implementation of mutual recognition of evidence and dispute mediation, so that the closing time of patent infringement cases has been greatly shortened from the original six months to one month. To some extent, this move has played a positive role that cannot be underestimated for the lamp enterprises in the ancient town. However, the road is one foot high. Some bad merchants and manufacturers have changed their newer and more hidden tricks to cross the sea. The author used his procurement contacts in ancient times to conduct a field visit to all kinds of counterfeiting. The pattern is really surprising. Pattern 1: manufacturers link up and counterfeit together. This kind of counterfeiting behavior is mainly initiated by some merchants. They use the identity of their dealers as a cover to smoothly enter some innovative companies and even become their dealers. Get the product model with the right name. However, in view of the fact that the prices of genuine products tend to be high in their minds, they will ship these products directly to some underground manufacturers, so that they can copy the products, second, do not sell to strange guests. Only for existing groups. Packaging is only neutral packaging, no factory name and no factory site. The price will naturally be much lower. Distributors take advantage of the package installation in the terminal to directly sell these three-no counterfeit products at the real price, and the difference they earn is naturally much larger. It is precisely because of the concealment of this kind of counterfeiting that the genuine manufacturers cannot check. They often hear complaints from dealers about their bad business, but the result is that dealers are making a lot of money. Pattern 2: Breaking through the bottom line of manufacturers and suppliers is even more worrying. In order to counterfeit a certain brand of products, some manufacturers do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy the procurement, design and other related personnel of these brands, and extract suppliers and product related information from them. Then through various methods to lure the upstream suppliers of the manufacturers, causing them to break through the bottom line and directly supply the raw materials of the manufacturers to themselves. This not only solves the problem of consistent product appearance, but also does not need to develop the mold by itself. When the product comes out, it will be sold at a low price in the customer group of the manufacturer. Zhongshan Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. produces and develops all-copper lamps, all-copper chandeliers, all-copper classical lamps and other products, and has successively won 128 design patents granted by the state.
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