【Full copper lamp] The first anniversary of the establishment of the network incense international club was held in Sheraton Hotel

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-28
At 14: 00 on October 16, 2013, the online incense Merchants International Club held a grand celebration of its first anniversary in Sheraton Zhongshan Hotel, the event specially invited 500 entrepreneurs from various industries and fields from Hubei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places to share their online marketing experience. Mr. Ma Junkang, general manager of the all-copper lamp of snooker, attended the meeting as a member of the core organization of the celebration. As the president of the online incense Merchants International Club, Zhou Zijun attended the ceremony and expressed warm welcome to the guests and friends at the meeting, and made a wonderful speech on the current situation of online marketing. As a cross-industry and cross-Circle Network marketing event, Mr. Zhou Zijun focused on the purpose, common interests, club advantages and other contents of the establishment of the network incense international club at the celebration ceremony, and on how to build a set of effective credit value system, club development system and the development direction of the club in the future, more efforts and intensity have been made to help the members of the club to make a detailed plan for the collective progress of the company. According to the introduction of Mr. Zhou Zijun, the establishment of the international club of online incense merchants was due to the participation in the online marketing course of Shanren information. Since then, it has been spontaneously established by students, A group with network marketing as the link and enterprise management as the orientation aims to help students' enterprises break through the bottleneck period of network marketing free of charge, solve the problems encountered therein, and help students' enterprises quickly realize the implementation of network marketing. Adhering to sharing and growing together; The common values, the network incense club will comprehensively aggregate resources and sort out information that is conducive to the development of network promotion activities and enterprise development. Everyone shares with each other, absorbs the successful experience of classmates and enterprises in network promotion, implements network channels, promotes the common development of classmates and enterprises, and jointly abides by sharing and growing together, accustomed to gratitude, adding firewood, holding love and perseverance, not abandoning, not giving up, and jointly establishing and building a tacit quality credit system and interest community. ; Commitment to common interests. At present, more than 500 enterprises have joined the organization in the online incense club, and they have been receiving more positive responses and support from more enterprises. They have gathered into a trend of thought with great creativity in the field of online marketing, many entrepreneurs from Anhui, Zhejiang, Hubei, Guangdong and other places have said: we are interested in the cross-circle, cross-industry, cross-regional, cross-platform, cross-brand, cross-cultural; The integrated network marketing platform of integrating contacts, financial situation, Financial Wisdom, financial capital, financial policies and financial sources is the advantage of the club and our member enterprises, it will definitely help our enterprise grow rapidly! The credit value system of the international club of online incense merchants: find a group of people with career Foundation and future; Form common values and ideas; Habitual gratitude, sharing, adding firewood, holding love and perseverance; Establish a community of interests with tacit understanding; Repeat the above actions periodically; Key links in periodic optimization systems. But how to establish this set of high-quality credit value system, President Zhou gave a view, he believes :(1) Have a career Foundation: Not only must you do your own business well, but more importantly, you can help the surrounding people and upstream and downstream enterprises to do well together. (2) People with a future: people who are good for him, altruistic, willing to share, contribute, help the enterprises around him, and people with a future. (3) Common values and concepts: values and concepts that are positive, legal, win-win, do not talk about politics, and do not attack others. (4) Habitual gratitude, sharing, adding firewood, holding love and perseverance: always be grateful and share with more people around you, the more positive energy you will get, pay is the core point and key point of return. (5) Time is the source of everything: a long enough time to test people's credibility, with enough credibility will have more opportunities. (6) In history, no one has ever succeeded alone. In the network incense merchants, the people who make the most additions have the most credit opportunities. In the network incense merchants, each of us has enough project resources and enough network resources. (7) Wealth always flows automatically in the direction of dense crowds. (8)In online merchants, honesty is more important than life! At the same time, Mr. Zhou Zijun also completed the establishment of the club's network marketing support team at the end of December 2013, from Baidu promotion, free promotion, and other fields. Before 2016, 200 member students will be assisted free of charge to improve the network marketing operation system and the implementation of network marketing. The integration with Fo Guang Guan Shen Zhao club will be completed by 2018 to realize cross-border and integration. ; Three-step plan to build influence system, company system, circulation system, network marketing system, Project system, professional system and charity system together; Eight systems. In the spirit of sharing and growing together; The core values of the club, the future network incense merchants international club will be in 2014 network incense merchants to prepare for the establishment of network incense Merchants Investment Management Co. , Ltd; , To be the only investment management company focusing on online e-commerce in China, the business scope of the company mainly involves the fields of club houses, online fragrant restaurants, red wine shops, clothing e-commerce, cosmetics e-commerce, washing e-commerce, infant products e-commerce, etc. The network pattern is changing, the competitors are changing, and our marketing awareness and management methods must also change!
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