【Full copper lamp] Incandescent lamp 'dark' down LED 'bright'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
China will officially phase out incandescent lamps. Judging from the timetable for the elimination of incandescent lamps in China, the import and sale of general lighting incandescent lamps of 100 watts and above will be prohibited from October 1, 2012. From October 1, 2014, it is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 60 watts or more; The mid-term evaluation period is from October 1-20, 2015 to September 30; From October 1, 2016, it is forbidden to import and sell ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 15 watts and above. For the sale of incandescent lamps in violation of the 'China phase-out incandescent lamp roadmap', the relevant departments such as the Industrial and Commercial Bureau will investigate and deal with the relevant regulations such as the 'energy-saving energy law' and the 'Product Quality Law. This is China's National Development and Reform Commission recently bid farewell to incandescent lamps •Light up green life; The resolution announced at the event, the resolution indicates that China will officially start the ban on white; Plan, use laws and policies to ensure the smooth progress of the phased-out incandescent lamp plan. I believe that since then, China's LED lighting industry has ushered in rapid development and ushered in a good opportunity. The so-called good opportunities are mainly manifested in three aspects. First, ban white; The policy broke the back road of competitors and strongly promoted the full popularization of LED. Following the resolution that the National Development and Reform Commission announced the phase-out of incandescent lamps and violators will accept legal sanctions, the Ministry of Science and Technology has also begun to promote ten cities with amazing enthusiasm; It is planned to set up pilot projects in 21 cities across the country in 2012, with 1 million LED street lamps expected to be installed. In 2013, it is planned to approve 50 pilot cities to install 2 million LED street lamps. The high investment of the government will surely cultivate a group of good LED optoelectronic technology enterprises and talents. Second, the potential of LED lighting market is endless. China is a major producer of lighting products, supplying more than 30% of incandescent lamps and 85% of energy-saving lamps to the global market. Today, when our country unswervingly implements sustainable development, the energy-saving performance of these lighting products is almost not comparable to that of LED lighting products, and will be replaced one day, make a broad market for LED lighting products. Third, as far as the development status of LED lighting industry is concerned, it has already reached a certain maturity. LED lighting products such as LEDT8 tubes and LED lamp cups have been launched close to commercialization. However, so far, the LED lighting market has not improved much, mainly because of the high product price and low product yield. On the whole, policy, market and industry technology all show that China's LED lighting industry has ushered in a good opportunity for development. However, as far as the current market consumption concept is concerned, LED lighting does not have enough ability to break the traditional lighting concept. Consumers are accustomed to low-cost lighting products, it cannot quickly accept LED lighting products that are energy-saving but also high-priced. LED lighting must also rely on government policy guidelines and guarantees.
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