【Full copper lamp] Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the Weizhi alliance New Product Launch Conference

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
In June 14, 2014, the first Weizhi alliance lighting exhibition was successfully concluded in Zhongshan Ancient Town. The lighting enterprises participating in the Weizhi alliance exhibition included 16 lighting brands such as camaqi European lamp, Melody crystal lamp, Fuheng meihuang and snooker all copper lamp. Weizhi alliance with great dreams •Achievements of wise men; To create the Weizhi lighting brand alliance for the theme; The platform for the release of new products, with which Weizhi alliance has brought together more than 100 sales elites from 16 brands under Weizhi alliance, as Ma Junkang, sales manager of snooker and Mercure, said that only better products can have a better market. The Alliance of Weizhi lighting brands will improve their competitiveness in the form of industry alliance and let us unite, form a stronger team to jointly improve profits and better serve customers and consumers. At the same time, in this activity, the snooker all-copper lamp is also very popular among consumers with its beautiful shape, fine workmanship and high cost performance. On June 14, the new product launch conference of Weizhi Alliance has reached a white-hot period. The long-awaited lucky draw has also begun. Who is Mercedes-Benz? All consumers are always paying attention to their lottery numbers, waiting to take the million grand prize home. This award is the first large-scale award ceremony held by Weizhi alliance and an important event in 2014, the lucky draw started at 7: On June 14. The lucky draw won 4 Lenovo notebooks and 10 customized luggage cases for snooker Mercure all copper lamps.
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