【Full copper lamp]Cold southern lighting market

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-01
Since the beginning of this year, the South China lighting market, which has been famous for its abundant products, high level of economic development and advanced consumer awareness, is like a plague. The market is not warm. The overall performance tends to be dull. Professional stores are tepid and painful to sell lights. This year, due to the influence of real estate control policies, the property market was once cold, which directly affected the sales of lighting products downstream. In developed cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan, the lighting stores are in a tepid state. In the Nantian lighting Plaza in Guangzhou, the author has visited several times. Every time I feel that the popularity of the store is not strong, and there are very few consumers who come to buy lights to watch the lights. In Wansheng ModEng city, which is located in Da Nan Road, because of the sluggish market, the storefront on the third floor has also closed a lot, and the scale of the entire store has shrunk. Similar situations have occurred in Dongguan and Shenzhen. Every day in the store, there are merchants who can't resist the cold current of the market and quit. Every day, there are new merchants coming in, but these new merchants often have less than two or three months, I chose to close the door. Unlike stores in mainland cities such as Wuhan, Nanchang and Xi'an, which often organize large-scale promotions and group buying activities, the stores in the Pearl River Delta region are relatively calm. For example, Guangzhou's Wanyi Moguang city and Dongguan's Hongtu lighting City have not held any promotional activities this year. According to Mr. Chen of Guangzhou Jinhui lighting, there are two reasons why there are few activities in the Pearl River Delta region. First, it is too close to the production bases of ancient towns and Dongguan, and the transportation is very convenient, if the amount is slightly larger, the customer will go directly to the manufacturer; Second, the cost of labor in the Pearl River Delta is high, and the store is not willing to invest. In economically underdeveloped areas such as Guangxi and Hainan, there are also some empty shops in the lighting market. For example, in Nanning, half of the newly established lighting stores are vacant. However, as the urbanization process in these areas is accelerating, the construction of the store has not stopped due to the cold reception of the terminal market. It is understood that the operating area of the lighting store under construction in Nanning exceeds the total operating area of the existing lighting store. Merchants, cold and warm, Huang Xiaodong is a crystal lamp business in Guangzhou, entering the lighting industry for many years. Last year, Mr. Huang had five facades in wanshengmo lighting City and Fuhai lighting city, with a total business area of more than 600 square meters. This year, because the retail business was affected by the downturn in the property market, Huang Zong reduced the store to three for cost reasons. The lightness of the market tests the survival ability of merchants, but it is less affected by market fluctuations for powerful merchants. According to Zhang Wuren, general manager of Guangzhou Yuezhi Lighting Co. , Ltd. , in the first half of this year, the company's performance still maintained steady growth, although the growth rate was not as large as last year. At present, the merchants who have done better in Guangzhou include Yuezhi lighting, Guanxing lighting, and Yaxin lighting. This year, these businesses focus on strengthening the training of employees and the optimization and upgrading of management. In Nanning, jinfengshan Hydropower Co. , Ltd. focuses on the field of electricians and has won a good reputation in this field. This year, jinfengshan hydropower mainly expands the scale of the operation center, improves the service level, and strengthens channel maintenance. At the end of April, the company led the Guangxi Channel merchants to travel to Phoenix, Zhangjiajie and other places, enhancing the team spirit of the channel merchants. Pan light lighting explores online sales according to the product characteristics of its own store. The Dongming lighting chain continues to dig deep into the designer channel resources and hold various salon activities. In Hainan, Dongfang Minghao lighting, which acts as an agent for NVC and other brands, has achieved good results in engineering and channels, while the dynasty lighting, which is the best in retail, still has a daily sales volume of 10,000 yuan even in the off-season.
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