【Full copper lamp]12th session of the lighting the Expo a complete ending

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
October 21-4 days of 12th session of the lighting fair falls next heavy curtain. According to the statistics of relevant departments, a total of 103 merchants from 95112 countries and regions visited the exhibition. Compared with the same period last year, the number of exhibitors has also exceeded 1000. According to reports, the highlights of this light Expo are: relevant government departments can obtain the qualification of exhibitors only after organizing professionals to carry out strict comprehensive evaluation of exhibitors' various products from five aspects: design concept, technical difficulties, market prospect and quality assurance. . At the same time, the relevant government departments also selected 4 Gold Award products and 7 Silver Award products from the participating enterprises. These exhibits are fine; The winner of the gold medal product will also participate in another round of competition as the finalist product of the China International Lighting Design Competition. It is also known that the international lighting design competition is the National Development and Reform Commission, the United Nations Planning and Development Agency, and the Global Foundation China to phase out incandescent lamps and accelerate the promotion of energy-saving lamps; The subproject of the project aims to publicize the energy-saving design concept of high-efficiency lighting products and promote the popularization and application of high-efficiency lighting products. At the same time, the light Expo also added three sub-venues, namely the Times Square, the sheng sheng lighting Plaza and the Swire lighting Plaza. The scale of the exhibition reached 250 thousand square meters. On the opening day of the Lantern Festival, many exhibitors praised the new pavilion for its international style; . Many buyers bluntly rushed to the new pavilion to see the effect. It is understood that as early as September this year, 550 exhibitors were confirmed to be stationed, with a recruitment rate of 100%. 【Snooker all copper lamp]Report for you.
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