Forecast of consumption demand trend of all copper lamp market in 2013

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-04
Throughout the market of all-copper lamps in recent years, the competition of all-copper lamps for home lighting mainly focuses on the aspects of efficacy, modeling, application of technology and new technology, and material reform, etc; The consumer demand of the all-copper lamp market also shows the following trends according to the above aspects. Trend 1: advocating nature caters to people's psychology of returning to simplicity and advocating nature. According to the survey, 30% of all-copper lamps adopt a natural design, such as plum blossom wall lamp, fishtail table lamp, peach-shaped lamp, Steed and other small animal modeling lamps are no less than real handicrafts. There are also some all-copper lamps, which are made of European or Mediterranean architecture, and their shapes are simple and elegant. The feeling of returning to nature is very strong. Trend 2: functional subdivision people are no longer satisfied with the lighting function of all-copper lamps, but all-copper lamps suitable for various use requirements emerge as the times require. All-copper writing table lamps, living room decorative table lamps, all-copper hanging lamps in lobby sections, all-copper floor lamps of different heights and other new products have appeared one after another. Trend 3: luxury, high-end office buildings, luxury hotels, restaurants and other public facilities decorated with copper lamps are becoming more luxurious and upscale. The magnificent all-copper lamp, either lovely or elegant, adds some interest to people's life. Trend 4: Some high-tech electronic technologies are also widely used in the manufacture of all-copper lamps, with more third-generation all-copper lamps that can adapt to different voltages and adjust brightness. Trend 5: environmental protection and environmental protection is a new topic in the production technology of all-copper lamps, showing that people attach importance to the living environment of the living room. Relevant people believe that this is the main development direction of all-copper lamps in the future. Snooker has some all-copper lamps, which adopt natural biological enzyme detoxification technology. It can not only keep the air in the room, bathroom and kitchen fresh, but also combine with interesting artistic modeling, become the new favorite of all copper lamps and families.
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