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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-18
Family holiday: Wisconsin Dales
More than a dozen water parks attract families to Wisconsin every year.
It is considered the capital of the world\'s water park.
Many of them are themes. -
Pirates, King Arthur, lost Atlanta World-
Everyone is trying to surpass neighbors with more luxurious rides, bigger splashes --and-
Play with the pool and a longer and faster water slide.
Long before the opening of the first water park, Dales was a popular family resort.
Tourists first take a boat tour of the unusual sandstone cliffs along the Wisconsin River. In the mid-1950, \"duck \"--
World War II water/land vehicle used for beach invasion--
Introduced to Dell and used for travel. A flashy water-
The ski show also made its debut.
Duck Tours and water shows are still popular today, but the water park is the region\'s biggest attraction Year --round.
In the summer, Noah\'s Ark, a giant beast, opened to all.
This is a landmark building in Dells with 70 acres of surf pools, waterslides, lazy rivers and children\'s play areas.
Its popular dark sailing speed is 4-
People drift in the dark of 600 feet.
While some water parks only allow guests of affiliated hotels to check in, most water parks, including the huge Africa-
Theme Kalahari with non-day passguests.
The hotel features an indoor water park under the huge glass roof, where families can slide and splash even on the coldest days.
One of the most popular rides, the Tanzania tornado (
Called toilet in the play)
, Slide riders around a huge funnel at a dazzling speed, and then \"rush\" them into the pool.
The resort\'s iconic attraction is the explosion in Botswana, a water roller coaster that uses strategically placed seaplanes to shoot passengers uphill.
Wilderness Resort is another indoor giant with 160,000 square feet of rides and slides.
Its most popular attractions include a fantastic voyage, a fast 500 feet long, five
The man on the raft
Southwest desert-
Chula Vista theme resort has built indoor and outdoor water parks around the hotel.
Feeling a little water?
Take a look at Tommy Bartlett\'s skiing, Sky, stage shows, the incredible feats of Brave skiers, twisters and aerial performers, and laser shows.
Are you ready?
Go to its magic.
Believe it or not, you can visit the robot world!
Museum, or the Circus World Museum near Barab.
Visitors can also choose from many other attractions such as trains, horseback riding, mini golf, go-
Trolleys and countless gorgeous and interesting arcades. Phone: 800/223-
3557 go on to the next page and learn about the information behind sweetnessthe-
Watch one of America\'s most popular sweets on a Jelly Belly factory tour.
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