Do you really know these small details of installing all-copper chandeliers?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-07
At present, there are many kinds of household lamps on the market, and there are different installation methods for different lamps. Today, let's talk about these small details of installing all-copper chandeliers. Do you really know? First, it is certain to read the instructions before installing the all-copper chandelier, confirm whether the voltage of the lamp and the power supply is compatible, and confirm the power load of the lamp. Second, the installation is dense and easy to cause temperature rise. It is recommended to maintain a proper distance between the two all-copper chandeliers. Once the temperature in the lamp is too high, it is easy to shorten the life of the ballast and bulb. All copper chandeliers that need to be fixed on the wall or ceiling should pay special attention to confirm the stability of the wall or ceiling. If the base layer is gypsum board suspended ceiling, after locking the hanging board for fixing the all-copper chandelier, the all-copper chandelier must be locked on the cement top to prevent the lamps from falling off. Three, large all copper chandeliers in the installation of the ceiling to consider the load-bearing problem, the general ceiling load-bearing capacity is limited, especially a few layers of the kind of large all copper chandeliers, it is better to install it on the cement ceiling. In fact, gypsum board chandeliers cannot bear weight and must be reinforced with wooden frames made of wooden stalls. If the all-copper chandelier is installed on the reinforced concrete, it must be installed after the concrete surface is dry, otherwise the concrete moisture may be absorbed by the lamp, resulting in a decrease in insulation capacity.
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