Do you know the installation taboos of all copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
There are many kinds of lamps on the market, and different installation methods are different. There are also many large and small places to pay attention to during the installation process. Home decoration is about feng shui, and the installation of all copper lamps is also taboo. One. When installing the electric lighting device in the masonry structure, the embedded hook, Bolt, screw, expansion bolt, nylon plug or plastic plug should be adopted to fix; Wooden wedges are strictly prohibited. Two. The height of all-copper lamps installed outdoors should not be less than from the ground. When installing lamps on outdoor walls, the height from the ground should not be less than 2. 5 m. Three. All copper lamps shall not be directly installed on combustible parts; When the high temperature part of the lamp surface is close to the combustible, heat insulation and heat dissipation measures should be taken. Four. For all-copper ceiling lamps equipped with incandescent bulbs, the bulbs should not cling to the lampshades; When the distance between the bulb and the insulating table is less than 5mm, insulation measures should be taken between the bulb and the insulating table. Five, the same indoor or place in rows of all copper lamps, the center line deviation should not be greater than 5mm. Six, all copper lamps should be fixed firmly. The number of screws or bolts used for fixing each lamp should not be less than 2; When the diameter of the insulation table is 75mm or less, one bolt or screw can be used for fixing. Seven, indoor installation of all copper bedside lamp, all copper table lamp, all copper mirror front lamp, all copper floor lamp, and other lamps, the height is less than 2. 4m and below.
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