Do I have to install a wire box for wall lamp installation?

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-22
The wall lamp installation does not necessarily require the use of a wire box. It can be directly connected to the live wire of the switch output terminal and the neutral wire of the power supply circuit. Wire laying is divided into two ways: open wire and dark wire. Open wire laying means that the wires are exposed on the wall surface. The advantage is that the construction is simple, the cost is low, the wire is easy to dissipate heat, and is easy to repair, and the disadvantage is that it is not beautiful. Wall lamp is a kind of decorative lamp, which is generally only installed on the wall. It is illuminated by soft light. It is usually installed on the indoor wall for auxiliary lighting. The light of the wall lamp is generally elegant and harmonious, which can embellish the room. Elegant and rich, common wall lamps include ceiling lamps, color-changing wall lamps, bedside wall lamps, mirror wall lamps and so on. For wall lamps, installation is not too difficult, but many people do not understand how to install wall lamps. In fact, we can also learn it by ourselves, so that we can also install wall lamps by ourselves. First of all, we must determine what kind of wall lamp we are installing, and then determine the location of the installation, so that the installation can begin. The installation of the wall lamp should be divided into several steps: 1. First, combine the wall lamp hanging plate, punch a hole in the appropriate position on the wall to mark, in order to punch the expansion screw below. 2. Use an electric drill to drill the marked hole. Before drilling at the same time, pay attention to understand the layout of the line to prevent the wire from being drilled. How to install the wall lamp without leaving the line, remember to leave the line first, and pay attention to the depth of the drilled hole. 3. After drilling the hole, you can start to install the expansion screw, and drive the expansion screw into the previous hole. You can use a hammer or other hard objects to drive until all the screws are driven into the wall. 4. Next, use wood screws to pass through the hole of the wall lamp's hanging plate, and then fix it on the expansion screw. Note that the fixing on both sides should be carried out alternately, so as to avoid the offset of the wood screw. 5. Connect the hanging plate and the ceiling plate with screws, and then fix the ceiling plate firmly with bald screws. After the installation is complete, disconnect the indoor power supply, then connect the wall lamp's wire and the power cord, and install the wall lamp. After the installation steps are described, do you know how to install the wall lamp? It's actually quite simple. Just pay attention to some details during the installation process.
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