Different material lampshades all copper chandeliers have their own 'taste'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-27
There are many styles of all-copper chandeliers, including European, American, Chinese, etc. Different styles have different characteristics, and all-copper chandeliers made of different material lampshades also have different tastes; Today, let's talk about the characteristics of all-copper chandeliers made of different material lampshades. The most common should be the all-copper chandeliers with glass lampshades. Many living room chandeliers in people choose glass lampshades. Chandeliers made of this material are often atmospheric and classic, it is most suitable to be installed in the living room, and the glass lampshade is easy to clean, which is more popular with everyone. The all-copper chandelier of the fabric lampshade is more gentle, highlighting the fresh and natural temperament of the lamps. The linen fabric lampshade is well known to all, and is decorated with crystal pendants, usually the living room and bedroom are where it lives. The all-copper chandelier with PVC lampshade may be rare compared with the all-copper chandelier with glass lampshade and fabric lampshade. In fact, the all-copper chandelier with PVC lampshade is also very popular, like this black PVC lampshade all copper chandelier is simple but stylish, like some American style, modern decoration style is very suitable for installing this PVC lampshade all copper chandelier, stylish and versatile, full of charm. All-copper chandeliers made of different lampshades have different tastes; , Different characteristics, which one do you like?
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