design solutions for 11 tricky spaces

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-05
From the narrow \"railroad car\" apartments to teensy Studios and rooms that seem to be full of doors and windows, each family has its own design challenges.
If you run into a roadblock
Where can I put the sofa? )
Or just feel like there must be a better way to arrange your space and keep reading--
We are providing solutions for 11 of the most common spaces
Planning dilemma. Let\'s start.
As with the beginning of any design project, it will help to look at your space with a new eye.
Go out and have a cup of coffee and come back and take a look once you feel refreshed.
Better yet, bring a design
A savvy friend asks with you what he or she will do with this space.
Sometimes just hearing other people\'s ideas can help you get your own ideas and generate your best ideas.
If the room is really causing you trouble, I suggest you take out every piece of furniture and look at it bare.
When layers of stuff block your view, it\'s hard to imagine setting up the room in any other way.
Moving these things, you can also move psychological barriers.
Tricky space 1: narrow hall solution: think about the art gallery.
The fresh white walls are the classic option, although the textured grasscloth or colorful coats are equally applicable.
Get smooth and simple with all the black and white work, or create a quirky gallery with eclectic colored artwork hanging on the lines, with some frames deliberately empty.
Complete the space with proper lighting.
Try overhead rail lighting and/or small walls-
Installation lighting art.
Tricky space 2: small home, long hall solution: make the hallway work by installing floating cabinets and shelves, instead of leaving the precious space idle.
Floating the storage off the floor prevents the area from feeling too heavy or cluttered.
Be sure to measure carefully and choose cabinets that are narrow enough to have enough space to walk through.
Keep the floor clean and carefully planned--
In such a small space, clutter will soon become apparent.
Tricky space 3: small space, no entrance solution: Don\'t bother to squeeze the table behind the door.
It will only bother you, it is not big enough to accommodate much.
Instead, look for the first available open wall where a larger table or storage room is placed to double the responsibility as an entertainment center or work area.
If there is really no place to put a table, try using a few small and smooth walls --
But the installation.
A few hooks for keys, coats and bags, and a floating shelf or mail sorter are all really needed for you to manage the essentials.
Tricky space 4: Eating
In the kitchen with too many doors, open the solution: in a place where a square or rectangular table will stick out like a thumb, on the contrary, go around.
The curved shape is usually more suitable for the awkward space, softening the hard edges of the room.
Try pulling your round table near the wall, even if it\'s just a part of the wall as small as the room shown here;
It looks more natural than putting the table to death. center.
Tricky space 5: Living room solution for multiple doors and windows: If you have an element in your living room (
Doors, windows, fireplaces, radiators)
This prevents you from putting furniture near the wall and trying to pull the furniture to the center of the room.
Use the symmetry of the paired sofa to offset the confusion in and out and add a comfortable carpet to secure the conversation area.
Tricky space 6: Living room solution with few wall space available: if your living room drives you crazy, check out your dining room.
Can you exchange it?
In the restaurant, it is not important to have multiple doors and windows, because there is very little demand for furniture (
Table, chair, maybe sideboard).
What\'s more romantic than eating at the fire?
Tricky space 7: small studio apartment solution: small-
In a small space, the size and careful planning of the furniture is the key and must meet a variety of uses.
Round tables and curved furniture make it easier to navigate in narrow spaces, while glass or Lucite tables create more visual spaces.
Plenty of storage space will make your life easier, so look for smart designs that can sneak in extra space.
You can replace the coffee table or antique vanity table with storage mats instead of the entertainment center, and you can even hide a whole shelf behind attractive curtains on the ceiling --mounted rods.
Tricky space 8: inclined ceiling solution below the stairs: Customize if you can afford to invest-
In a cabinet, shelf, or desktop space, it\'s an excellent way to take advantage of every square inch. Otherwise, low-
Furniture for small sofa beds and other profiles (
No headboards or pedals)
Alternatively, the recliner can turn an awkward corner into a comfortable hideout.
Tricky Space 9: small living room solution: it\'s a bit counter-intuitive but too much
Small pieces can make the room messy and crowded.
Balance by choosing works that look important but have smooth lines (no rolled arms! ).
Replacing the usual coffee table with a soft cushion is an easy way to sneak into extra seats, and a pair of petite armchairs can be placed in an over-filled space.
Finally, be sure to place the lighting all the way to the rear corner of the space--
There is nothing to narrow the room faster than the poor light.
Tricky space 10: long and narrow room solution: When it comes to decorating long and narrow spaces, you will want to take a few breaks in the line of sight and visually divide the space, and provide areas for different uses.
Don\'t push the sofa to the wall and try to use a smaller one
When one of your rooms breaks, the scales are placed perpendicular to the wall.
You can also use the low cabinet or table behind the sofa to define the line between the two main areas;
Just make sure the cabinets are flat with your sofa or a few inches shorter than your sofa.
Tricky space 11: high ceiling, large open space solution: emphasis on height (
Such as the Arc Light featured here)
Will visually fill the vertical space.
Larger rooms can handle larger rooms
The furniture should have a scale, so don\'t be afraid to get bigger.
A huge dining table made of natural wooden boards with eyes
The hanging lights hanging above will be a dramatic focus of the room.
By using two sofas facing perpendicular to the wall pull, create a comfortable seating area in another place and complete the arrangement with a large carpet (
Even two carpets spread together)
Increase softness.
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