Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Light Source

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
In daily life, incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, fluorescent lamp, LED and other series of light sources are generally used for lighting configuration, but these light sources have unused characteristics and uses. Today, all-copper snooker lamp manufacturers analyze the uses and characteristics of common light sources: 1. All-copper lamp manufacturers analyze common lighting incandescent lamps (That is, commonly used incandescent bulbs)Features: good color rendering (Ra = 100) The light is bright, continuous dimming, simple structure, low price, but short service life and low luminous efficiency. Uses: living room, living room, lobby, guest room, shop, restaurant, walkway, conference room, courtyard. Usage: desk lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp, bedside lamp and corridor lamp. 2. All-copper lamp manufacturers analyze inflatable incandescent lamps containing some halogen elements or halides in the filled gas of halogen tungsten lamps. It has all the characteristics of ordinary lighting incandescent lamp. Its luminous efficiency and service life are more than double that of ordinary lighting incandescent lamp, and its volume is small. Uses: conference rooms, exhibition halls, living rooms, commercial lighting, film and television stages, instruments, automobiles, airplanes and other special lighting. 3, all copper lamp manufacturers analyze fluorescent lamps (Commonly known as fluorescent lamp)Features: high light efficiency, long service life and good light color. Fluorescent lamps have straight tube type, ring type, compact type, etc. , and are energy-saving lighting sources with a wide range of applications. Replacing incandescent lamps with straight tube fluorescent lamps saves electricity by 70 ~ 90%, long life 5 ~ 10 times; Upgrade and replace straight-tube fluorescent lamps to save electricity by 15 ~ 50%; Replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps saves electricity by 70 ~ 80%, long life 5 ~ 10 times; Uses: road lighting, floodlight lighting, square lighting, industrial lighting, etc. 4, all copper lamp manufacturers analyze light emitting diodes-LED ( light emitting diode) LED is a solid semiconductor light source for electroluminescence. Features: high brightness point light source, can radiate various colors and white light, 0 ~ 100% optical output (Electronic dimming) , Long service life, impact resistance and shock resistance, dynamic, no ultraviolet (UV)And infrared (IR)Working under radiation and low voltage (Security). In the light source configuration of all-copper lamps, LED light sources are generally recommended, which have relatively low wattage and can meet the brightness requirements, it is also possible to select light sources with different color temperatures according to the decoration configuration to play the role of space lighting.
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