Depth analysis of all copper lamps--Handmade articles

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
The value of all-copper lamps is largely part of the technology. Some details in the all-copper lamp are completed by manual procedures, which will make the all-copper lamp show different effects. Rubbing color: the common colors of the company are bronze, Brown black and black. These colors are all hand-rubbed colors. Oiling: oil is not allowed on the glass lampshade, and some small copper pieces on the glass edge on the lampshade need to be drawn manually. Gold tracing: Gold tracing decorations are all depicted by hand. The operation steps of gold water are relatively simple. The manual operation method is to dip gold tracing pen into gold water to depict patterns according to the decorative parts, edge, gold or combined with other ornaments. The main anti-oxidation of all-copper lamps and the improvement of their service life depend on the importance of these processes. Whether a good all-copper lamp can be used for a long time and whether it can be kept beautiful and convenient depends on the importance of these processes. Every link in the production process of all-copper lamps is very important. To get a beautiful all-copper lamp, it also depends on whether the manufacturer has high technology, strict management technology and strong after-sales guarantee.
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