Depth analysis of all copper lamps-Engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
The purchase of engineering lamps is very exquisite. Only when engineering lamps are properly selected can they play the role of finishing touch. Otherwise, it is equivalent to a good-looking incandescent lamp. To choose the appropriate engineering lamps, first of all, according to the decoration style of the installation site, the overall color, and the decoration, to determine the style of the engineering lamps to be purchased. Lighting styles are divided into: luxury, modern simplicity, European fashion, pastoral style, romantic style, Mediterranean style, etc. The style of the selected engineering lamps is determined, and then the lighting materials are selected. The lighting materials are generally used: Brass, Spanish marble, imitation marble, fabric, wrought iron, Crystal, sheepskin, etc, different materials have different effects, such as all-Copper Solder lamp and Spanish marble. Luxury and noble nature is suitable for clubhouse Hall and exterior wall. Fabric lamp is simple and fashionable and suitable for bedroom; Also, according to the large and small space of the club, the division of regions, appropriate engineering lamps and light sources should be configured; Let the lighting lamps play its effective lighting effect, but also show its decorative effect! For high-end places and the design and configuration of engineering lamps, famous brand engineering lamp manufacturers should be selected to provide you with integrated services of lighting design, manufacture and installation, so that you can have a better shopping experience!
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