Buy outdoor wall lights must look at 3 points

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
The outdoor wall lamp is like a soldier standing guard, who needs to face the wind and rain. If it is an outdoor European wall lamp in a general corridor, it is just ordinary. Its function is basic lighting and decoration. However, what we want to say today is that we need to face the storm when we are outdoors; Outdoor European wall lamp. The outdoor environment is unpredictable and may need to resist exposure or wind and rain. Therefore, special attention should be paid to several points in the selection: first, IP level is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection, and IP level is the Protection level for the invasion of foreign bodies by electrical equipment housings, the source is IEC 60529, a standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission, which was also adopted as the US national standard in 2004. I often ask a question in some strict projects: What is the IP protection level of your outdoor lamps? Especially for some exported lamps, the IP protection level of outdoor lamps is especially high. Second, waterproof when we buy outdoor wall lamps, we will ask if it is waterproof. Because in the outdoor will encounter wind and rain, once the lamp touches the water, it will be prone to short circuit and other conditions, and even hurt personal safety. Third, closed, European wall lamps placed outdoors will inevitably encounter the favor of mosquitoes; . Especially in summer when there are many mosquitoes, if the lamps are not completely closed, then a large number of mosquitoes will fly into the lamps, which will affect the beauty of the lamps and reduce the service life of the lamps. Therefore, choosing fully enclosed outdoor lamps is a good choice. The following is an outdoor fully enclosed outdoor wall lamp for snooker
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