Bright a full copper lamp, happy family

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
What kind of fate can bring two people together, and what kind of determination can make two people embrace each other and decide to walk for a lifetime. The sweet young couple ushered in their happy moment. They decided to choose a full copper lamp representing happiness for their love nest! Into the dazzling lighting store, two people stayed, so many styles, tangled and guilty, what type of copper lamp is good? At this time, the wife stood in front of a copper living room chandelier, motionless. The all-copper living room chandelier in front of us is so impeccable in workmanship and shape. The elegant European style gives a feeling of elegance and elegance, and the old effect of slightly yellowing is just right. Fingers touch the copper tubes one by one, which is smooth and rich in texture, giving people a feeling of comfort instead of heavy metal. The flower-shaped lampshade, which is like a bud, emits a romantic feeling. Looking at this lamp, you seem to be able to vaguely see the sweet two people in the living room. Husband Asked: dear, do you like this all-copper lamp? ; The wife said affirmatively: it is it, the first feeling makes me want to have it! ; Looking at his wife's eager eyes, he already knew that other lights were no longer their choice. Happiness is actually very simple, that is, to meet her requirements, even if it is only a small requirement. Now the small two have been sitting on the sofa in the living room, the wife is lazily leaning on her husband's shoulder, and the soft light of the all-copper chandelier is scattered on the two people, this moment seems so sweet and warm. Please remember, the name of this lamp is: SZ50313-08. Snooker beauty residence all copper lamp, wish lovers in the world a happy life!
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