Bathroom bathroom mirror headlights correct wiring method instructions

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-19
Bathroom Mirror lamp is also an important lamp in the home, especially for women who love beauty, mirror lamp is an essential lamp. However, how to connect mirror headlights has become a difficult problem. Do you want to know the answer? Please continue to look down. Generally, when we decorate the house, we will reserve the approximate position of the bathroom cabinet and mirror, so that the approximate position of the reserved wiring level can be determined. If the height is normal, if the bathroom cabinet is installed at home, the Mirror headlights are all on the bathroom cabinet, so the highest position of the mirror is probably 1. 7 meters to 1. Between, because the mirrors have a certain height, do not exceed 1 when reserving the w bathroom mirror front light line. 8 meters. Then there will be a total of two lines, two of which are the live and zero lines of the mirror headlights. Connect the live line to the live line of the power supply and the zero line to the zero line of the power supply.
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