Basic process of customization of non-standard engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
Usually, some hotels, clubs and villas will have special designers to design decoration schemes, which will involve the customization of non-standard engineering lamps, making the decoration more personalized. In fact, non-standard engineering lamps mainly refer to engineering lamps that are not produced according to lighting industry standards and national lighting standards, and generally need to be customized by specialized lamp manufacturers. Today, let's talk about the basic process of Customizing non-standard engineering lamps in snooker. First, to understand the customer's needs, the first step is naturally to understand the customer's basic needs through communication with the customer, obtain information from the information provided by the customer, and communicate the planning plan. Second, product quotation, convey the customer's needs to the designer, the designer is responsible for the drawing, after the customer reviews the drawings without problems, then calculate the price of non-standard engineering lamps, give the customer a quotation, after no problem, finalize the cooperation contract, formally sign the contract to pay the deposit, generally pay 30% of the deposit first, after all the goods are produced, pay the balance, and then deliver the goods. 3. Confirm the sample. Usually, the factory will produce the sample. After the customer confirms it again, the batch production will be started. Fourth, packaged and shipped, after production, unified packaging and shipment. 5. After confirming that all the receiving lamps and lanterns are issued, wait for the customer to confirm the receipt of the goods, check whether the lamps and lanterns are damaged due to transportation, and timely feedback the situation to the manufacturer and solve it in time. This is basically the case with the customization of non-standard engineering lamps in snooker Meiju. Snooker Meiju has developed and produced all-copper lamps for 18 years. For the customization of non-standard engineering lamps and lanterns, please call the hotline of snooker Meiju directly: 400-800-7609.
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