4 key points you should know when choosing all-copper ceiling lamps in the corridor

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
Corridor is a place that cannot be ignored in home decoration, especially the selection of corridor lamps is also careless. Today, Xiaobian takes you to understand the four main points of selecting All-copper ceiling lamps in the corridor. The first issue that must be considered in the safe selection of all-copper ceiling lamps in the corridor is safety. When you choose, you can't be greedy for cheap. You must first check whether the lamp certificate and warranty are complete. Attention should be paid to the lamp marks when selecting: when purchasing, attention should be paid to the marks printed on the insulation layer outside the lamp wires, and the cross-sectional area of the wires should be at least 0. 5mm, if less than 0. 5mm, it is easy to burn the wire, and the wire is short-circuited after the insulation layer is burnt, which is easy to bring danger. Practical, the main function of the corridor all-copper ceiling lamp is lighting, followed by decoration. Therefore, we should choose a style with convenient installation and moderate brightness, which is both practical and elegant. The size of the all-copper ceiling lamp is mainly affected by the living room area. Generally speaking, the room area suitable for the 290 diameter corridor ceiling lamp is 15- Between 25 m², it is in line with the corridor area of most current families. If the 330 diameter large corridor ceiling lamp is placed in a corridor with an area of less than 25 m², it will appear too large and look coordinated. Style and color, corridor all copper ceiling lamp style is now more and more, but don't blindly choose, must choose the style that suits your home style and needs, such as modern style to choose fashion and generous, you can't choose classical, luxurious or complicated workmanship. Only when the style is selected correctly can it play a good decorative role.
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