2009 Shanghai lighting dealers will face huge challenges to identify the market positioning

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-16

 From January 1, 2019, a new day opened a new chapter in the development of the Shanghai lighting industry. While looking forward to the future, dealers will also have their own conclusions and views on the past year. . In the face of the huge operational challenges of 2009, their views may be used to improve the overall market and dealers to improve business performance.

 2008 blowing up upgrade whirlwind

 Looking back at the development of the Shanghai lighting market in 2008, we found that high-end home lighting was particularly active in the market. In this year, a slogan often mentioned in many markets, including Xinliuying Plaza, is the introduction of high-end brand stores to enhance the overall image of the market. Under the influence of this trend, many luxury shops and relatively large-scale specialty stores and image stores have been born, bringing a new style to the lighting city, which makes the industry feel that the lighting market in Shanghai is undergoing a new experience. The overall upgrade movement of the panning. The reason why it is called panning is because in this upgrade movement, both dealers have achieved success and there have been many failed cases.

EME has just completed another thorough renovation in 2008. In the face of a new luxury store, the person in charge of EME only said that he is basically satisfied. What he showed in the exchange was a strong confidence in the operating conditions in 2009. In his view, no matter how the domestic market changes, the high-end people of lighting consumption will always exist. As long as they grasp the consumption needs of this group of people and walk in the forefront of market development at the right time, there is no business to do.

 The same is the store upgrade. Bill Lee from EME of Shanghai Chengda City recently worried about a new store. He said: The new store is very well decorated. Many of the products are aimed at middle and high-end consumers and designers, but after half a year. After the operation, we found that although we have good lamps, we lack consumers and designers who visit these lamps.

 The performance decline is understandable

 Not only is Bill Lee from EME, but for many dealers who operate home lighting products, 2009 will be a year facing more severe challenges. In the face of the upcoming test, many dealers with large stores chose to withdraw from the market in advance, or reduce the store area and reduce operating costs. Many dealers showed a development in the whole market in the second half of 2008. Pessimism and distrust, this atmosphere often makes people irritated, and the sharp decline in market sales has confirmed that this uneasiness is not a worry.

 In such an atmosphere, we can't help but ask, is there a wave of corporate closures in Shanghai? Is the salary of Shanghai people shrinking drastically? of course not. So where is the problem? In this regard, Wu Zhijian, the head of Shanghai Liuying City Jihao Store, believes that the decline in Shanghai's home lighting consumption is caused by many factors. Among them, the development of the domestic real estate market is a decisive factor. In addition, the Shanghai people's unique fine Quality also makes their consumption conservative; seeing the overwhelming coverage of the financial tsunami in the media, even if the wages are paid, those who take the bonus will have the mentality of tightening the money bag and cautious consumption.      

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