0 decoration experience, how can the living room lights look better?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-05
Q: The decoration of the new house has already reached the stage of installing lights. There is no decoration experience. How can the living room lights be installed better? A: mainly from the following aspects 1. First of all, we should consider the height of the living room, which is generally lower than 2. , Generally choose ceiling lamp or version chandelier, higher than 2. 7 meters can choose chandelier 2. Then install the living room lights according to the size of the living room. If the area is slightly larger, you can choose a larger size of the lamp. In addition, you can also add some auxiliary lighting, such as the living room floor lamp, downlights and spotlights are installed at the top. 3. If the decoration of the living room is relatively simple, try to choose the living room lamp with simple shape. If the decoration is more exquisite, you can consider some exquisite and atmospheric styles.
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