Wuhan lighting industry is brewing to donate to earthquake-stricken areas

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-30


After the Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake, the hearts of people from all walks of life in the Wuhan wall sconce industry were touched.

 On the afternoon of May 13, Wang Jifeng, deputy general manager of Wuhan Tianxiang  Mall, said that Tianxiang  Mall was awarded the title of Love Enterprise by Hubei Provincial Federation of Trade Unions last year. The earthquake in Sichuan also affected the love of Tianxiang people. Specific arrangements will be made according to the unified deployment of the superior department.

 On the morning of May 14, Li Wei, the planning department of Wuhan Hanlai Plaza, told reporters that as one of the top ten lighting markets in China, after the earthquake, Hanlai Plaza has begun to make donations to the earthquake-stricken areas and is preparing to donate this donation. Make an influential public welfare activity that reflects the social responsibility of Hanlai Plaza and its affiliates. The specific implementation plan for the donation activity is being planned.

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