Green lighting innovation LED flying into the ordinary people's home

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-23


In 2010, under the influence of low-carbon economy and energy-saving emission reduction, although the real estate industry was affected by macro-control, the lighting and lighting industry market remained hot, especially with the development of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting, and the momentum was significantly higher than in previous years. With the rapid development of the urban and rural real estate industry, the building materials market has a large-scale rise in the bathroom, floor, wallpaper and lighting stores, and the home furnishing industry has also generated tremendous strength.

In 2017, the ten cities and the energy-saving lamps went to the countryside, and the LED street lamps and energy-saving lamps were vigorously promoted to cater to the economic policies of low-carbon lighting, which led to the large-scale promotion of energy-saving lighting and the promotion of lighting energy-saving lighting. Not only the ancient town lighting fair, not only shows a variety of different styles, colors, shapes of lighting, but also LED lights gorgeous display of the world, resulting in LED lighting has also received international support, promoting the innovation of lighting new dining table chandelier source.

In the 1980s, whether it was home lighting or commercial lighting, crystal lamps were a luxury item, which appeared in very few urban families and hotels. However, with the continuous improvement of living standards, high-tech and fashionable products such as furniture and home appliances Constantly flocking, home decoration, home style is also constantly rising, decorative, fashionable, practical lighting came into being. For example, the ancient town of China's lighting capital, after more than ten years of development, expanded to Henglan, Dongsheng, Jiangmen, radiating Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places, in recent years, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shanghai and other places, lighting appliances The factory is developing rapidly, the wall sconce market is growing rapidly, and the featured market is constantly appearing.

At present, ordinary lamps are generally between tens and thousands of dollars. For most consumers, lamps are not only used for daily lighting, but the fashion and practicality of lamps become the must-have furniture for every family, and with the decoration industry. Rapid development, lighting lighting has also become a home decoration, energy-saving, intelligent and other concepts have also surfaced. At the same time as the lighting industry is developing rapidly, couple lamps, children's lamps and decorative lamps have become one of the common home decorations and embellishments. The expansion of the consumer market has led to diversified development of the lighting market. The market has moved from retail to supermarkets, lighting cities, wholesale cities and hypermarkets. The lighting industry has also become the third largest home building industry after furniture and home appliances.

With the continuous development of the lighting industry, dining table chandelier sources, lighting accessories, lighting factories, etc., the entire lighting industry is diversified and functional, the lighting does not break the branches, and the lighting as a new home industry, will be energy-saving, intelligent Promote the development of modernization and service, and adapt to the pursuit of contemporary fashion and healthy home life.

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