ceiling fan light install

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-06-06
For this article, I will install a low profile LED light fixture on the ceiling fan.
This is required because the ceiling of this House is very low and the standard fan light fixture is not suitable.
This is electrical work.
Electricity can kill people.
To complete this project, you need to have a basic understanding of home wiring.
I highly recommend using a digital multimeter to find the right wires and make sure the power is off before touching any bare wires.
The fan I used was an unknown brand installed by the previous homeowner.
I used the chipping mounted utility LED lights from Home Depot and three 6-
32x5/8 screws and nuts and three brass 8-32x3/8\" screws.
The exact screws needed for the fan/light combination may be different, please check your settings before you start.
The switch is a single-bar zipper switch that is mounted by drilling a 3/8 hole through the lip of the lamp shell.
I also used a 5/32 bit to drill holes in the closed cap of the existing fan, and a 3/8 bit for the switch holes and wiring holes.
The standard American home wiring specification requires a black power cord and a white neutral line that is grounded in green.
Remove the cap from the bottom of the fan and find the black and white wire.
After turning on the power supply, check the 120 v on both wires and make sure that the voltage is constant regardless of the fan speed or direction.
Once you do this, turn off the power and verify that it is off by checking between the two wires and between each wire and the ground (
Or metal case without green ground wire).
The mods of the light itself are fairly simple: the three screws that fix the LED panel on the lamp shell are 6-Long-
32 screws at a time.
I pulled a screw to center the light on the fan off cover and mark it in the hole in the drill cover.
I then drilled the cap, installed the longer screws in the lamp, and fixed the cap in place while marking the next hole, and the third hole.
Once all three holes have been drilled, the mounting screws place the lid on one side.
Most of these hats can only be installed in one way, so think about where you want to put the chain and drill the holes to install it.
A black lead on the switch will be connected to the fan wiring, and the other will be connected to the black lead coming out of the light using a wire nut that comes with the fixture.
The white lead from the lamp is connected to the fan wiring.
Plug the excess wire into the edge of the lamp and fix it in place with a little hot glue.
As soon as the lights are modified, I continue to drill holes in the lid to get the wires through and use 6-
Fix the cover to 32 nuts on the lamp.
I already got 8-
There were 32 screws around the rim fixing it on the fan body but the screws were gone so I bought three brass screws to replace them.
Once the lid is attached to the lamp and the wire goes through the hole, it can be installed.
When you connect the light to the fan wiring, let someone lift the light for you.
On my computer, I just unhook the wire nut that the fan already has, add the wire to the harness, and put the nut back in place.
Once the wiring is complete, carefully place the lights in position and install the cover mounting screws.
Power back on and test the lights.
If you turn it on and off, you\'re done.
Now you can sit down and enjoy the benefits of upgraded lighting.
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