the crystal chandelier “the crystal chandelier of love” -

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-10-02

There used to be a big ball, inviting all the people in the world.They have wonderful music, delicious food and lots of laughter and people have a great time.Above the dance floor is a huge crystal chandelier that reflects the light of the moon to all the walls through the ballroom windows.Everyone can see the light of the moon coming in as white light from the window.However, when the light shines on the crystal, it will diffraction into a rainbow and show it on all the walls.However, when people comment on the color of the light from the crystal chandelier, everyone sees something different.Some can see shades of red, some can see shades of purple, and some can see shades of yellow.Everyone sees something different and everyone says how beautiful the lights are and enjoys the amazing peace that it brings to their hearts.This is no different from the light of love that shines in everyone's heart.Some people see a lot of love and call it the special name of God.Others have also seen love, calling it another name of God, and others have seen the light of love and have special names for it.It's all the same, however, but they call it a different name.Like crystal, the only white light of love is truth, love and peace, which expands our hearts and creates a feeling of awe.So they call it a different name.But now is the time to let go of our differences and the great light of being a whole.Many blessings for everyone!Dr.
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