hanging lights design How to Convert a Recessed Light to a Hanging Light

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-12-13
hanging lights design How to Convert a Recessed Light to a Hanging Light
Converting some recessed lights into chandeliers can change the look of the room and bring the light source to where it is needed.The chandelier has a wide range of sizes and styles that offer different ways to change the design and functionality of the room.When elected to choose which lights to lower, decide which lights are most useful and be careful to keep the symmetry of the room.Remove the light from the ceiling and direct it to the center bar to improve its function as a place to work and eat.To prepare your electrician, stand in front of the bar, just like you are preparing food, measuring the height of the light that should be hung on the bar.You 'd want to put the lights on--Or slightly above--your head.Subtract the distance from the bar to the ideal position in the space and subtract that distance from the total distance to the ceiling.If the bar is wide enough, the lights can be hung far enough from where people stand to avoid hitting it.When recessed lights are close to their body, you need to put them on separate switches.This separates the two sets of lights and allows them to work independently.Hanging lights may only need to be used for tasks that require closer, more intense lighting, but it will not be wanted for leisure time.For example, when working, you can turn on the hanging lights on the table, and the recessed environment lights can be darkened or turned off, so that you can focus more on the task at hand.Consider using a dimmer switch in the suspension and embedded lighting of the room.After lowering a set of lights, their function has changed.In order to create an atmosphere, it may be necessary to reduce the ambient recessed lights, thus providing different settings for more concentrated hanging lights.If both sets are installed on the dimmer switch, you can set the exact lighting atmosphere as you need it.Electrical expertise is required to install lights.If you lack these skills, please hire a professional, licensed electrician.If a new switch is needed in the room in addition to the new suspension, it is better for the expert to handle the rewiring work.Consult an electrician to determine if both sets of lights need to be placed in three-Road switches and the best position for these switches.
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