You have to understand the four principles of choosing living room chandeliers

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
Nowadays, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and they have higher requirements for the quality of life. The aesthetic taste in the decoration of home lamps has also increased accordingly, pursuing a more refined and personalized decoration style. Living room chandeliers play an important role in the whole family decoration. In order to ensure the coexistence of safety and beauty, certain principles should be followed in the installation process. The following small editor tells everyone the four principles of choosing living room chandeliers. Safe and reliable, all furniture involving electricity should ensure its safety. When buying chandeliers in the living room, remember to buy products from regular manufacturers. You can't choose unqualified products because of small profits. Generally speaking, regular lamps are marked with some usage indexes, such as power and wattage. For different functions, the lamps and lanterns should be different, and the maximum load should not be exceeded. Simple and convenient, the shape of the living room chandelier should not be too complicated, and the color should not be too complicated. Changing the bulb is a headache for many people, especially the large chandeliers in the living room and dining room, you can choose a lift-type lamp that can mediate high and low degrees, thus avoiding the trouble of stepping on tables and chairs and stepping up to change bulbs in the past. Overall coordination, a variety of lamps in the same space should maintain coordination in color, style and style, and the living room chandelier should also be consistent or similar in all aspects with other furniture as far as possible. Energy conservation and environmental protection the current decoration pays attention to resource conservation and low-carbon environmental protection, as well as living room chandeliers. When purchasing a living room chandelier, you can choose an energy-saving bulb to ensure illumination and save electricity.
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