You are right to find the manufacturer directly for engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
Engineering lamps are different from home decoration lamps, and the number of engineering lamps is generally more. The number of ordinary home improvement needs is relatively small. Therefore, the customers of home decoration are all selected by themselves, while the customers of engineering lamps are different. They may be purchasing or designers. Therefore, the purchase of engineering lamps can't just find one, you have to find a manufacturer. An engineering order is given to a unit, and the unit is sent to the purchase. In addition to purchasing lamps according to the customer's requirements, many purchases also need to be profitable. Therefore, there is often such a misunderstanding: the price will be more important than the quality of the lamp. If the lamp is selected to meet the requirements, but the price exceeds the budget, there is no profit point to take, then this buyer will definitely not adopt it, and the price is especially important for them. Therefore, some buyers consider the profit and find some unqualified lamps to provide to customers. For example, lamps and lanterns produced in small workshops do not undergo strict inspection, which is easy to lose customers. Engineering lamps have to go directly to the lamp manufacturer. The quality of the lamps, you can personally go to the factory to inspect, have seen it, and then rest assured. Factory Direct sales also have an advantage in price. There is no middleman to earn the difference, so the project budget is also guaranteed. What is important is that if there is an after-sales problem, you can communicate directly with the manufacturer. If you are looking for some small workshops, in case of any problems, who are you looking? Regular manufacturers pay more attention to after-sales, and after-sales is also an important part of service.
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