Why do most bedrooms choose all-copper ceiling lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
Many people around the decoration, are living rooms, restaurants with all copper chandeliers, bedrooms are basically equipped with all copper ceiling lamps, why most bedrooms choose all copper ceiling lamps? Most bedrooms choose all-copper ceiling lamps for a reason: 1. In today's commercial housing, most of the floor height is controlled within 3 meters. If the bedroom is equipped with chandeliers, the floor height is limited, and the effect is not good after installation. It seems that the space is shrinking, and people will feel more depressed. The all-copper ceiling lamp has no requirement for floor height, and the matching effect is good. 2. As a space for rest and relaxation, the bedroom does not need complicated design, does not need more luxury, is simple and simple, looks comfortable, and can also create a warm and comfortable feeling. 3. People usually consider the cleaning of lamps when buying lamps. Generally speaking, most of the all-copper ceiling lamps are fully enclosed after installation. They can prevent dust and mosquitoes. They are usually taken care of and easy to clean. To sum up, do you know why most bedrooms choose all-copper ceiling lamps? Snooker Meiju has been focusing on all-copper ceiling lamps for more than 10 years, with complete styles and many styles. Welcome to call for advice: 400-800-7609.
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