Uncovering the mysterious veil of all-Copper Solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
The key and core process of all-Copper Solder lamp is solder process. It is able to manually use a special electric iron to weld the glass wrapped in copper bars, as well as some copper fittings, one by one. Whether the appearance of the solder lamp is good-looking, whether there are structural problems such as deformation, etc. , are all related to the level of the solder. If the level of the solder is too poor, even if you use the material well, there is no way to make the lights look good. As a consumer, judging the quality of solder lamp should start from the following aspects: judging method: visual inspection with naked eyes 1. Check whether all copper solder lamp requires Tin Road to be smooth and smooth. But this kind of flatness and smoothness is relative. Because the solder lamp lampshade is welded with tin, in order to strengthen the structural force, the solder Union piles thick solder at key positions to strengthen the bearing capacity. This kind of regular tin accumulation cannot be regarded as a poor tin path. 2. Check whether there is tin leakage. The so-called tin leakage, as the name implies, is that tin overflows from the glass or other joints of the all-Copper Solder lamp lampshade to the surface of the lampshade, an obvious tin scar was formed on the surface of the lampshade. 3. Check for light leakage. By light leakage, we mean to observe the lampshade when the lamp is turned on, and the light cannot be seen through the gap between the copper strip and the copper strip.
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