Uncovering the mysterious veil of all-Copper Solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
The shape of the glass lampshade of the transparent part of the all-Copper Solder lamp is mainly completed by copper bars. According to the sequence of copper bars, the whole process can be divided into four processes: material cutting, reel groove, positioning and reel Radian. In popular terms, the copper strip is actually made of a certain width of copper sheet, which is made into a U-shaped shape by hand, and then according to the size of the glass of the all-Copper Solder lamp lampshade, use a punching machine to cut the two sides of the U-shaped part of the copper strip according to the size of the glass and wrap the glass. If the lampshade glass is baked and bent, the copper strip must be manually made into the same bending degree as the glass to wrap the glass. This series of actions is only done manually with the most primitive tools. However, as far as all-Copper Solder lamps are concerned, the failure of copper bars is directly related to the quality of all-Copper Solder lamps. After making the finished Copper Solder lamp, we can judge the workmanship of the copper bar by visual inspection, mainly from the following aspects: 1. The surface of the lampshade is smooth and flat, no foaming, wrinkling, etc. 2. The angle of the copper strip is the same, especially the place where the joint is not exposed. 3. There is no deviation.
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