Standards and Specifications for hotel engineering lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-10
First, the appearance of engineering lamps: 1, engineering lamps can not have hexagonal, gasket, sliding wire and other standard parts exposed. Standard parts must not be multicolored. 2. Outgoing line: Chrome and dingsha series-Transparent ( If the wire is in the lamp body, you can't see it, the same as the gold requirement); Gold-Bronze/golden line. 3, stickers: power standard (Lamp cap sticker) In order to indicate the specifications and power of the light source, it must be attached to the place where the installation light source is easy to see; Such as lamp cup mouth, flat close to Lamp caps. The direction of the text is kept upward according to the installation of lamps and lanterns, and the plane must face the same direction. Materials must be fireproof; The color is transparent black or black on silver. Second, product stickers :(Chassis stickers)Is to mark the attributes of the product. It must be attached to the position that the user can see when installing, and it is generally attached to the position where the suction top is easy to see without cover. Note: direct suction cannot be attached to the side of the wall. Third, polarity standard :(Positive and negative)It is to indicate the power polarity of the lamp wiring. Must be attached to the wiring interface. Generally attached to the insulation board where the wiring bar is installed. Special terminals marked with polarity may not be attached. CCC and CE standards require three: positive, negative and ground. Fourth, the customer must pay attention to the customer model: product stickers, instructions, carton shipping marks are all changed to the customer model. All stickers must be neat, flat and firm. 4. Passivation treatment: All Corners cannot be scraped. Fifth, the lamp holder of the engineering lamp shall not exceed the lamp Cup, nor shall it be at the bottom of the 4 MM. Sixth, large crystal glass is connected to the lamp body through screws. Rubber pads must be used. It should not be too large and transparent materials should be used as much as possible. Seven, consistency: 1 color: gold series must control chromatic aberration. If the color difference is large, you cannot enter the installation program. Some small accessories and the installation effect is not in the obvious position can be slightly relaxed. If a few specifications are inconsistent during mass production, the accessories on the same lamp must be guaranteed to be consistent. The lamp body or light source is generally radial and axisymmetric. Eight, error masking: small differences in individual accessories (Reduction or abnormal incoming materials) Under the condition of ensuring the appearance, installation and function of lamps and lanterns, it can be satisfied by changing or adding accessories. Nine, surface treatment: General surface treatment methods include electroplating, painting/powder spraying, oxidation, heat treatment, etc. 1 basis for self-inspection of electroplated parts: the phenomena of blackening, darkening, peeling, oil stain, oil spots, oil flow, scratching, burrs, regional corrosion markings and the like on the surface of accessories are electroplating problems; If the surface of the accessory has stripes, bumps, welds, seams, deformation, large teeth, etc. , it is a black blank problem. Accessories with the above problems are strictly controlled to enter the assembly process. (Electroplating base is divided into copper and nickel). 2 The basis of self-inspection of spray paint/powder spraying parts: the main factor of non-rust is not the coverage of the spray paint, but whether the phosphating treatment of the blank parts before coloring has reached the standard. Ten, the basic standard of export: no Chinese, the pinyin of the manufacturer of the place of origin; Cover the package, label, etc. , pay attention to the carton, chalk paper and open paper stickers. Domestic OEM orders must not have manufacturer information.
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