Some problems of lighting production, transportation, the quotation

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-22
Lighting production, transportation, 0 to offer some of the problem - - - - - - 0   【 Engineering custom 】 Hotels, villas, clubs, restaurants, bars, exhibition hall, sales department, soft outfit show and other kinds of non-standard custom lamps and lanterns. 【 Offer information 】 If customer need quotation, please provide the quotation list (as far as possible to the personnel of the service Size, quantity, material, product pictures or CAD engineering drawing) , different product price is different also, more accurate description will bring you more accurate budget' Production cycle 】 - after normal production cycle: the deposit in place Days ( Need to send the samples, the deepening drawings, confirm the product details and contract projects, start calculating production cycle after confirmation) Negotiate processing, special circumstances. 【 The price of 】 Point, freight, installation, tax source, etc. If necessary, please take the initiative to inform customer service, our company is the default custom lamps light source, taxes are not included in the price point, transportation expenses, installation expenses and other costs, please customers aware of the Logistics acceptance 】 A, excluding freight cargo: logistics, the customer has specified delivery, within the scope of the ancient town, cross bar, we can free send to logistics point and to handle the freight. If beyond, delivery charge to be borne by the customer; , we only responsible for the goods sent to the customer designated logistics, but is not responsible for the arrival of the goods, Depending on the shipping of the case may be) ; Logistics, the customer is not specified delivery, factory recommend for the customer to choose the reasonable logistics information, confirmed after arrange delivery; Second, inclusive of delivery charges, of goods: arrange factory combined with customer demand. 【 After-sales service 】 Quality problems of lamps and lanterns, installation period free replacement. From lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns warranty for a year, calculated from the date of acceptance of installation; Quality problems, during the warranty period, lamps and lanterns is like our free maintenance; Normal maintenance more than warranty period, we provide the required spare parts, the price will be subject to preferential market price, also can consider to provide free of charge. A: engineering non-standard customized lamp pay attention to what? A: did not have the product recommendations
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