[Quanzhou] Jinjiang Bridge road lighting project started this month

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

The road lighting project of Quanzhou Jinjiang Bridge will begin construction in the middle of this month, and the landscape lighting project will start at the end of this month.

The road lighting project of Jinjiang Bridge includes the main bridge and the cross-strait overpass. The lighting adopts the combination of conventional street lighting and high-pole lighting. In the bridge section of the main bridge, the bridge road lighting adopts the mid-line lighting method, and the opening and closing of the street light adopts automatic control. The entire project investment is about 7.18 million yuan.

In addition, the landscape lighting project of Jinjiang Bridge is currently being tendered and the cost is about 7 million yuan. The pylon uses white floodlight to form a multi-color rolling change of red, yellow and blue. At the same time, the landscape lighting sets different operating ranges and running times according to the three periods of weekdays, ordinary holidays and major festivals.

Editor: China Lighting Network

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