Intoxicating room full copper lamp luminous point height debugging design

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-06
The all-copper snooker lamp has always been deeply loved by the vast number of consumers. In order to thank the consumers for their long-term support and love, the all-copper snooker lamp will make a more detailed and comprehensive interpretation of the matching and installation of all-copper home lamps from different perspectives in the near future, in order to make consumers get better home lighting space effect, let the warm light of all copper lamps project to every corner of the home with your mood, let relatives get closer and make the house warmer. The height of the all-copper lamp light source varies from room to room, and the sense of resonance directly reaches the heart. The designer of the all-copper lamp has found in many years of practice that the all-copper lamp in the home environment has different luminous points of different heights, it will give the beam a more flexible angle of expression. The height of the light source is strewn at random, and the individual atmosphere of each space is created and rendered, which reaches the depth of people's perception and resonates with the soul. Living room: In the more spacious living room, a rich copper living room chandelier is often the first choice. When the height is proportionally and gracefully dotted on the angle of our looking up, we will naturally have the association of the vast starry sky, and the living room space is naturally vivid. The sparkling colors are interspersed with each other, giving off a noble texture. If the living room space is relatively small, then such a small room needs more aura, and the depression can be broken by using all-copper ceiling lamps or all-copper chandeliers or semi-chandeliers with smaller diameters, create a rich level of small space. ( The larger living room is set with a low scattered light source height, which can give off the noble texture of all copper lamps. ) Restaurant: in home decoration, it should be said that the lamps in the restaurant have more unique requirements for the luminous spots of all-copper lamps. When we sit down for a meal, we usually eat while chatting with family or friends. At this time, if we set the luminous point of the all-copper restaurant lamp to a position slightly higher than the horizon, it would be just right. In this way, it will not cause our visual obstacles, but also soften the warm and pleasant dining atmosphere. However, for some local lights, such as desk lamps and floor lamps, the light source can also be kept at a slightly higher position in the line of sight. ( The height of the light source in the restaurant is set slightly higher than the horizon, which is a good atmosphere for dining)
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