Interconnected lighting bigger than you think

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
Interconnected lighting is bigger than you might think 0 - - - - - - 0 bluetooth network can realize the automation of building basic system centralized control, including the HVAC ( Hvac) , security and lighting, etc. , so as to save energy, reduce operating costs and improve the service life of building core system. At present, the interconnected lighting one of the most popular in the large-scale use cases. In addition to lighting intelligent control, interconnected lighting can provide support for the whole building automation. Bluetooth wireless lighting solutions can be used as a landmark in the further support building solutions ( 书) , indoor navigation, asset tracking and intelligent building of the platform. Bluetooth technology alliance EMEA developer relations manager Martin Woolley said: & other; Wireless mesh network created a distributed grid platform and dialogue, can be applied to other wireless building services, so as to create more possibilities. By using the mesh network interconnection equipment systems, such as building not only can automatically control the lighting, also can adjust temperature, tracking assets, save a lot of resources, environmental and economic benefits at the same time. ” Widely used in wireless mesh many control system is fast becoming the wireless communication platform, including intelligent building and intelligent lighting control solutions of industrial markets. Fulham and Silvair such industry leaders have begun to use bluetooth mesh technology LED lighting control. Fulham's vice President of business development company Russ Sharer said: & other; Original equipment manufacturers ( OEM) Has been the best way to weigh the intelligent lighting control, we are cooperating with Silvair marks the fulham new wireless lighting control took a key step. As the industry towards the real intelligent lighting, support for bluetooth mesh also marks the lighting communication reasonable towards the next. ” Is not just lighting platform & other; By using wireless mesh network, to take the initiative to maintain the concept of implementation to simple objects, such as lighting source & throughout; Silvair chief executive Szymon Slupik said, & other; Then, using multiple service properties of bluetooth wireless technology, the lighting will be able to support other services, these additional services provided by the intelligent lighting value higher than the value of itself of lighting control, energy conservation and seven to ten times. ” Bluetooth wireless sensor network ( WSN) Can monitor the light, temperature, humidity and usage, to improve employee productivity, reduce operating costs, building better meet the demand of equipment maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime. Amsterdam's van gogh museum is using bluetooth LED module to replace the original halogen lamp lighting. These lights by bluetooth switch control, using EnOcean energy collection technique is no battery type switch power supply. In fact this job is very simple, two of the museum staff was replaced a night at a light, did not interfere with the daily operation of the museum. The van gogh museum is installed with bluetooth sensor to transmit occupancy rate, lux ( Lighting brightness) Level, temperature and humidity data. These sensors by controlling the environment, help the museum better save priceless works of art. Lamps and lanterns, sensors, and the gateway can be used as a bluetooth Beacon, support site according to the museum visitors museum and landmark information navigation service. Retailers are landmarks ( 书) Beacon first adopters. One of the giant American retailers (target company 目标) In their shops, replaced the traditional dome light to LED lights. At the same time, the target in the lamps and lanterns is installed in the positioning and navigation solution of bluetooth Beacon, customers through the navigation APP in the store and find specific products. This is currently one of the most large-scale indoor positioning solution based on lighting. The future will be further growth in the next five years, & other; Lighting throughout the platform &; Will be increasingly used to control, monitor, and automation system, network deployment for bluetooth devices the explosive growth of the way. ABI Research forecasts, to 0 years, bluetooth automation, monitoring and control equipment as part of the network equipment, shipments will be more than billion, bluetooth network from the control and monitoring to the whole building automation, for the whole of the Internet of things ( 物联网) The intelligent facilities to provide support. A: domestic lighting industry next hot spot analysis: a trade war with China impact on China's lighting industry situation analysis product recommendations
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