Installation skills of all copper wall lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-18
All-copper wall lamp consists of back plate, curved arm, lampshade, hanging plate, bald head mother, decorative accessories, etc. When installing all-copper wall lamp, the following problems should be paid attention to: 1. Install all-copper wall lamp fixed hanging plate. During installation, the lamp body should be ensured not to tilt. 2, wiring should pay attention to the waterproof wiring parts, otherwise it is easy to cause short circuit and other phenomena. In addition, when installing, remember to put the wire into the place where the edge of the back plate cannot be pressed, otherwise it will easily lead to the extrusion of the wire and the wall. 3. After the wire is connected, the all-copper wall lamp can be fixed with a bald mother. Be sure to ensure that the vertical plane of the all-copper wall lamp lampshade after assembly is parallel to the wall, the bald mother of the fixed back plate, and the locking teeth have at least 3- 5 teeth, the hole position must be aligned to ensure the overall horizontal position of the lamp after installation. 4. In order to better prevent water, we should add waterproof gaskets when connecting every accessory when installing all-copper wall lamps. In order to achieve better waterproof effect. 5. After fixing the all-copper wall lamp, we will adjust it. After confirming the adjustment, use glass glue and other materials with waterproof function to make a waterproof treatment of the back plate around the back plate.
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