Information that should be known when joining European-style all-copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-23
With the growth of people's living standards, the requirements for food, entertainment and home environment have risen sharply. They originally liked some simple and simple beauty, nowadays, the pursuit of gorgeous, extravagant and complicated beauty. I have been selling European-style copper lamps for many years. I have noticed an interesting phenomenon. The middle-aged family often pursues gorgeous, magnificent and complicated feelings, however, the European classical lamp style and the gorgeous and old-fashioned retro style of all-copper lamps unconsciously touched their hearts. In today's lighting market, European-style copper lamps have been selling well and have their own unique charm. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to see that European-style all-copper lamp franchisees have broad development prospects. With the continuous expansion of the European-style all-copper lamp market, many young people or entrepreneurs have seen the European-style all-copper lamp joining this market, but the investigation of the European-style all-copper lamp joining is quite strange, today, the author briefly analyzes several directions that need to be considered in joining European-style all-copper lamps: 1. Sales positioning: that is, what kind of consumer group the store will have in the future. There is no high, medium and low-end positioning, or it is very vague, which will inevitably affect future sales. If it is higher than the local average, it may cause a situation of high and low, and a cold front. 2. Location of the store: If you do not have a large amount of financial resources and retail area, you can choose the location around the existing building materials market or the location where lamps are retail, the only way to buy building materials is also a good choice. 3. Development prospects of merchants: understand from the establishment time of merchants, as well as other aspects such as market positioning. Friends who have European-style all-copper lamps to join in the entrepreneurial ambition welcome you to contact snooker Meiju lighting, and we look forward to creating a different glory with you.
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