Glass solder lamp passed customs registration

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-14
On May 21, snooker Mercure glass solder lamp officially obtained the registration approval of the national customs. This means that snooker's self-operated export business has taken a solid step. In recent years, with the continuous development and growth of snooker Meiju solder lamp itself, the business development is extremely rapid. Especially in the last two years, because some of the original production enterprises specializing in the foreign trade of solder lamps have ceased to exist in the tide of the financial crisis, and some have changed their course, some businesses with foreign trade demand for glass solder lamps often cannot find suitable suppliers to produce. In order to meet the demand for glass solder lamps in the international market and better develop foreign trade business, snooker Mercure decided to carry out the self-operated export business of glass solder lamps. According to reports, since December 2011, snooker Mercure glass solder lamp has begun to plan and promote the foreign trade business of glass solder lamp, A total of 12 people, including a group of professional customs declaration and inspection personnel, foreign trade business personnel and foreign trade promotion personnel, have been recruited to form the foreign trade business department. At the same time, relevant registration work for self-operated foreign trade business has been started. After more than a year of hard work, it has successfully obtained the national customs filing permit yesterday. Next, as long as the foreign trade business of the People's Bank of China is opened, the snooker solder lamp can independently carry out foreign trade business. At the same time, enjoy the policy treatment of export tax rebate according to relevant national policies.
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