Explore the secrets of Zhengzhou lighting market transformation

by:EME LIGHTING     2019-01-18


 Today, as the level of consumption continues to increase, lamps are not only simply used as lighting, but the composition of the decoration is increasing. The lighting market, which is constantly increasing in the consumption of households, is also in the transition from the traditional market to the hypermarket stage. Natural, with its dining table chandelier and dark.

 Ming: The pattern of the Central Plains lighting market is gradually clear

 The Central Plains lighting industry has completed the establishment of the market in its development process, and now it has formed a relatively professional and well-defined market form. From the traditional market to today's specialized hypermarkets, the transition period of the Central Plains lighting market has also come.

LED is into lighting mainstream products

 The more mature the market, the finer the division of labor in the industry and the more diverse the products. Today, in the country to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lighting has become the first choice for many consumers. Ms. Zhang, who chose lighting for her new home, told reporters that in addition to pursuing quality and aesthetics, she also paid great attention to the energy saving and environmental protection of lighting. She is very optimistic about LED lighting products: LED products are energy-saving and long-lived, or promoted and encouraged by our country. The product.

 Zeng Ping, chairman of Henan Deruipu  Co., Ltd. said: As a new light source technology, LED has caused a big revolution in modern lighting due to its high efficiency, energy saving, lead-free and mercury-free, and long service life. LEDs will replace traditional lighting as a mainstream product.

 Brand is weak, quality is uneven

 The reporter observed that in the Central Plains lighting market, many stores operate as many as one or two brands at the same time. Bill Lee, general manager of Shenglong Jintaicheng, told reporters that the current lighting industry brand awareness is poor, product simplification, matching difficulties, etc. can not meet the actual needs of consumers. The real brand stores are few and far between, and it is difficult to establish the credibility of the lighting brand. Faced with this situation, Yang Fan said that through the establishment of specialized, branded and integrated hypermarkets, it is the major direction and task of cultivating lighting brands and enhancing consumer brand awareness in the Central Plains lighting market.

 He reminded consumers to try to choose a strong manufacturer and brand to enjoy the light and enjoyment of lighting.

 Same-sales market, after-sales standards are different

 Although in the same store, the service and after-sale policies of each store are different. Some merchants promise to buy 1,500 yuan or more of lighting, you can enjoy free shipping within the Zhengzhou three ring, and some businesses are more than 3,000 yuan from the delivery. In the installation of lamps, for small household lamps, basically no installation is required, only large chandeliers are responsible for installation, and consumers still have to pay an additional installation fee.

 Some consumers told reporters that they would generally choose to pay for the decoration workers to install, or let the community electricians help install.

 In terms of quality assurance, most merchants have a one-year warranty on the lights. Zeng Ping said that only upstream manufacturers continue to carry out technological innovation, master the core technology, and downstream businesses continue to improve the marketing system and after-sales service system to bring better service to consumers.

 Most merchants

 The reporter observed that although some merchants implemented a clear price tag or a unified discount, in some stores in the traditional market and Huafeng lighting industry, the reporter did not see a uniform price tag, only the clerk verbally quoted the consumer, most of them Will also add a price can be negotiated and so on.

 In the face of unclear prices and discounted sales, Mr. Liu shared with reporters the three elements of his purchase of lights: First, you must understand the relevant national standards; second, you must not blindly impulsive, you must shop around; It is to look at the brand and then shoot.

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